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What do I do if my package is stolen, or I do not receive it even if it says delivered? Great question, unfortunately once it leaves our warehouse and the post office delivers the package, it is out of our hands.  Many packages now-a-days get stolen unfortunately.  We are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. You will have to contact your local Post Office and present them with the tracking number provided, and file a claim for a stolen package.  We are very sorry if this happens, but unfortunately we cannot control what happens once the package is delivered.

Do Curves leggings run true to size? Our leggings run fairly similar to other popular brands. However some customers feel that they run a bit on the tight side because of the compression feel that they have. We recommend going with your normal size, unless you are kind of in between sizes then definitely go with the larger of the two.

Do Curves shorts run true to size? NO! This is our first time having shorts available, and while we absolutely love them; they definitely run on the small side. We will have the sizes corrected for next summer, but for now we definitely recommend going a size up unless you like your shorts tiny.

What is the difference between 7/8 length and full length? Our 7/8 length are a high ankle/low calf length (longer than capris) they're a perfect option for our shorter customers, or anyone who just prefers their leggings not to go all the way down to the bottom of their ankle like our full length do.

Are Curves leggings long enough for taller women? YES!! Just please make sure to order full length and not 7/8 length. But we have several customers that are around 6' tall and they are all extremely happy with the length and were surprised and pleased to finally find leggings long enough for them.

Are Curves leggings "squat proof"? Absolutely! We have put them to the test and they are 100% squat proof. No panties will be showing through in the gym while you have our leggings on. We guarantee it! They also have the little patch (gusset) sewn in the crotch area to avoid camel toe.

Are Curves leggings high waisted? Our leggings have a mid/high waist. I have seen other companies with really high waists and ours aren't that extreme, but they do definitely cover the whole lower tummy area that we all need a little extra help with. They generally go up to around the belly button.

How fast is shipping? All our domestic orders ship next day and take 2-3 days to arrive to their destination, depending on your location. (With the exception to major Holiday sales like BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY, these will be shipped within 7 days or less)

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses? Yes! We are honored to ship to our service members all over the world. Just please remember when entering your address to enter the country as USA and you will automatically get our normal $6.25 flat rate shipping. 

Do you ship to other countries (not APO/FPO)? Yes we do but the rates very depending on the country.

Is Curves apparel only for Military? Absolutely not!! Our brand is all about supporting ALL strong women no matter what your career or hobbies may be. We want to empower all women to reach their goals, and give them high quality apparel for a reasonable price. Our leggings are squat proof, don't show sweat, don't move around while your squatting or running... all the qualities you need to focus on your goals and not on adjusting your clothing.