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About Us


Our Core Values: "Who & What"

Supported by over 2,200,000 highly engaged social media followers and customers worldwide who believe in empowering ALL women, in and out of uniform. 
We empower women, that is what we are about, we strive to show the world truly how strong women can be. Not just alone, but TOGETHER!

 Who are we?

Curves N Combatboots was started in July of 2017 by Sarah & Elijah Maine. The Power Couple of the century!  Sarah is the COO, and is also in the Air Force reserves.  Elijah is the CEO and is an Active Duty Navy Chief Petty Officer. 

We are everyone! CNC was started to bridge the gap between fashion in function with the highest quality premium leggings with pockets.  It quickly turned into so much more than that.  We have become a community; strong, supportive, positive, and unified!
We have quickly became one of the top female apparel brands on social media. We have an extreme passion for high quality leggings provided to you at a fraction of the cost. We built this community around women in uniform, and have branched out to all women worldwide, and now even men!