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"Winter is Coming" 7/8 Length Snowflake Leggings w/pockets

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Special Game of Thrones inspired "Winter is Coming" leggings!

Featuring our special edition SNOWFLAKE design, with our unique Snowflake logo!

These leggings are the same style and fit as our regular leggings.

These leggings are a must! 

- High Waisted

- 7/8 length (full length coming mid-late January)


- Not see through

- Pockets on both sides


FEATURES:  high waist, 7/8 length, quick-drying fabric, curve accentuating stitching, pockets on both sides. 

SPECIAL NOTES: These are also NOT see through, #squatproof.  

***We understand the struggles of finding the perfect pair of leggings. Rest assured, these are NOT see through.  They will NOT fade in color.  They also have the extra material sewn in the crotch area for your comfort. These are 100% tested in all facets of everyday life.  These are super durable for working out, or going for a long run, but also comfortable enough to lounge around or just wear everyday.



- How to care for your NEW favorite pair of leggings!

Curves leggings are not the same as regular leggings.  The unique design and elastic materials make the pants extremely comfortable and functional but also more delicate.  They need to be cherished and treated with care.

-Put your pants on like stockings; gradually roll up the legs and slip on. NEVER pull from the waist.

- Wash on gentle cycle, hang dry, and do not tumble dry.