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T-Shirt, Unisex, Red with Black Logo "R.E.D"

Regular price $25.97

It has been a long time since we came out with a basic T shirt for everyone!

Well, we wanted to switch to this New fabric constructed of a cotton/polyester blend, this is the softest shirt you will ever wear!

These shirts WILL NOT Shrink with a 1.2% shrinkage rate at most.

You will not be disappointed in our new tee!



We have officially decided that these shirts will be called our “Friday” Shirts Why? For anyone who has been around the Military community, we all know what that means. But for those who are not aware, we always wear RED on Friday to #remembereveryonedeployed! So in honor of our deployed members, we are naming these our FRIDAY shirts!! Also.... each and every shirt that sells, a portion of the proceeds will go to sending care packages overseas to our deployed troops! If you have a loved one overseas. Please, send us their address!