Marissa Myatt

Why did you join Curves?

I was first drawn to Curves in the fall of 2017 for the amazing “leggings with pockets” and because it was a company created by a female veteran. Then the company quickly blew up into this amazing community of women who support each other, who confide in each other, and who have each other’s back - no matter your background.


Working out (former NPC bikini competitor), baking, reading, traveling the world

Something interesting about myself:

Since I was a little girl, I wanted to help people be the healthiest versions of themselves! I taught spinning classes on my Navy ship deployments and even considered being a personal trainer. Maybe one day after my Navy life I can take that new endeavor on.

Favorite Products:

- The leggings with pockets will always be my true love.
- But the seamless leggings are pants I could wear every day doing just about any task.
- The laced back sports bras!! I love how supportive they are yet they’re also cute & fashionable. 

Marissa's Picks